I am a senior student at Texas State University. Texas State is located in sweet San Marcos, 30 minutes south of Austin. I’m not from Texas. I am far from a Texas native.

Born in Brooklyn, lived in Florida, raised in Virginia and somehow ended up in San Antonio describes my travels. Even though my heart lies on the East Coast, Texas has treated me very well I must say. I went to college not knowing it would change me, build me, engulf me. I’m knowledgeable, proud, experienced, nurtured all through my college experience and with that I am so thankful.

However, I’m at that odd stage in my life. For the past 3.5 years, advisors have told me what to do. Take this course. Enroll in this class. Take this professor. Go to class at this time. I’ve had a routine, a schedule. I woke up everyday knowing what I had to accomplish and where I was going to nap after class. I took the commands and ran with it.

This routine is all coming to an end. People are no longer telling me what to do. Authority isn’t pressuring me. I am almost to this sweet, scary freedom. I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a minor in Health Information Management. I’m almost there. I’ve made it. I will walk that stage and things will come a close. Fin.

Having options seems wonderful but it’s almost intimidating. I can choose to live anywhere. I can apply anywhere. I’m at this age where I’m not tied down. Yes I’m committed to someone but I’m not married. I do not have children. The world is mine. I can conquer any city I so chose.

I’m excited to see where the wind takes me.



There are many projects in life that I’ve begun but never kept up with. Journals, blogs, etc. but this time around I’ve decided to go around the usual path.

It’s a new year, meaning it’s a year of new beginnings. It is my goal to step outside my comfort zone and try things I may not have attempted in the past. This is one of them.

I hope to entertain you with topics that may hit home with you, some laughter and some insight on the things I enjoy.

Stay tuned.