For many years, I wasn’t into makeup. I saw no point in it. I didn’t feel the need to cake my face with foundations, powders, and eye makeup.

Oh how times have changed…

By no means do I wear makeup everyday and that is for many reasons. First, it is unhealthy. Makeup is fun and games until it begins to clog up your pores which can promote acne. Second, I just don’t have the time. I don’t feel it necessary to wake up earlier to complete a task that isn’t necessary. Praise to the ladies out there who do their hair and makeup before class! You are the true MVP’s.

However, when I have to attend professional meetings or a formal event, I love taking the time to complete the perfect glam look. Recently, I’ve looked to certain Instagram accounts and Youtube accounts. It’s through Instagram that I found out about my new obsession, Anastasia Beverly Hills . She is mostly known for her eyebrow products and contour kits. You all have probably heard of the term “contouring” due to Mrs. Kim K West. Kim was one of the individuals who really brought this makeup technique on the scene. ABS prices are affordable and are high quality. You can find ABS products at department stores or order from her website directly. I started off by using ABS liquid lipstick and haven’t turned back since. My favorites are “Heathers” & “Vamp.” They are both great shades on women with more olive to darker skin tones.

This past Christmas, I asked for the ABS cream contour kit in Deep. When I received the gift (Thank you Santa!), I was excited but hesitant. The makeup artists on YouTube make applying cream contour seem so easy, but after watching some videos, I think I got the hang of it. Many people don’t realize it but YouTube is a great outlet to all things hair and makeup! For free, you are able to type the look your trying to achieve and have someone teach you step by step how to complete your glam look.

Here are are two of my favorite makeup Instagram accounts:

  1. Huda Beauty
  2. Bretman Rock

Here are some contour makeup channels on Youtube you may enjoy!

  1. ABS Cream Contour Kit – Deep
  2. ABS Powder Contour Kit – Medium 
  3. ABS Cream Contour Kit – Fair 


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