I spoke briefly on this a few posts ago but this weekend I had the honor of being in a bridesmaid in my dear friend’s wedding.

The night was filled with so much happiness, love and joy! After hair and makeup prep, a photographer met us in our hotel room and took photos of the bride and the rest of the bridal around the hotel and outside hotel. The weather was perfect which meant perfect lighting so I’m so excited to see how those photos turned out!

The ceremony and reception both took place at Abel’s on the Lake which is in Austin, Texas. During the ceremony, you could feel the sun and clouds smiling down on the bride and groom. The audience smiled from ear to ear as Holly and Michael read their vows to one another. The ceremony ended with a sweet kiss and that is when party started!

Funky dance moves lots of drinks, many laughs are the perfect phrases to describe the rest of the evening. Couples danced the night away. Little children ran around the venue, giggling. The night ended with sparklers on the lake dock with the bride and groom sailing away on a small boat.

This was my first time being apart of a bridal party and it was such a blast! Peek some photos I took!

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