I love jewelry when it’s minimalistic. I used to love chunky necklaces and dangling earrings but I’ve learned that simple is sexy. I ordered a gold initial necklace from Mia and Mac on Etsy for $20 dollars and wear it almost everyday. I feel like it gives the perfect touch to most outfits.

Peep some inspiration below!

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Jesus, help us know when to pursue, when to back down, when to let go, when to open up, when to share, when to listen, when to release, when to love well, when to forgive, when to give up bitterness, when to humble ourselves, when to stand up, when to pray. 

We give you every single one of our relationships — the awesome ones, the ones that drain, the ones conflicted, the ones confusing, the ones stumbling back, the ones familial, the ones with addictions, the ones far from Jesus, the ones of many years, the ones of few weeks, the ones online, the ones in person. 

Help us love well, release well, speak well and listen exceedingly.