AlumnaOn Saturday 14th, 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications and Advertising and with a minor in Health Information Management.

It’s been a beautiful journey. Texas State University has given me so much — my best friends, inspiring professors, and a community. I am so thankful for the university and its people.

College is a journey that not everyone gets to go through. College is a privilege, not a right. I feel as though history is repeating itself — the rich are educated and able to further their education, while the rest of the population cannot. I was able to attend college because my parents were holding onto a vision. They wanted to see their child take off, discover and broaden their mind. I was able to attend college because I had a great support system.

Some of my best and most proud moments happened while in college. Some of my worst, upsetting moments happened while in college. I grew, I learned, I listened, I spoke, I discovered and I bloomed.

To all the incoming freshmen, cherish the time, for it goes by so fast. Go outside your comfort zone and find out who you truly are. To those who have graduated, the real world starts now! I wish you the best of luck in your job search. Searching for a job is hard, tedious, and stressful, but the right one will fall into your lap soon.

Best of luck to all!



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