Being vegan for the month, I cannot consume eggs and I’ve realized that it’s really hard to try and find things to eat for breakfast. I did some scrolling on Pinterest and found a recipe for Tofu Scramble — basically a healthier version of scrambled eggs.


Review: I would rate this meal a 7/10. Maybe I just miss scrambled eggs! I added a ton of seasonings to the recipe as well as corn and peppers, but it still tasted bland. I think that may just be the nature of tofu.

Next time, rather than just adding tomatoes, I will add pico de gallo since it has a much better taste than regular tomatoes!



It’s been a while since I have made some posts on here and I apologize for that! Sometimes life just gets in the way —

I wanted to update you all on a challenge I have decided to put upon myself. Since mid-March, I have been consistently working out and attempting to eat right. I’ve been reading blog posts and watching documentaries on eating healthier, the benefits of good food, and just living a better life! I’ve become so inspired after watching great documentaries like Forks over Knives, Food Inc. as well as Hungry for Change. These are all on Netflix, so you can easily watch them! It’s amazing how you can transform your body through simple, clean eating.

While I do want to lose a few pounds and tone up, for me, it’s honestly about living a healthy, happy life. Food effects us in ways you cannot even imagine — good or bad. So many things out there in your local grocery are labeled as “healthy”, “natural” “fresh” and they are so far from that!

It’s going to be a huge challenge but I have decided to go vegan for a month. The word vegan is actually incredibly broad. There are different type of vegans such as:

  • junk food vegans
  • raw food vegans

I’m not necessarily placing a label on myself, because honestly I hate labels. To put it simple terms, I will be cutting out all meat, dairy and fish from my daily diet. My diet will now be plant-based and I’ll be eating fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and legumes.

At the end of the month, I hope to have lost at least 7 pounds, gain more energy and be a better version of myself! If you want to tag along with me on this journey, please don’t hesitate to email me to ask some questions. I’m still doing some research on all that a vegan lifestyle consists of, so I will surely update you all when I gain more knowledge.

To learn more about being a vegan, check this site out. 


Here is to a healthy life!