“Nigger is an ethnic slur directed at black people and is a term referring to people with black skin. The word is a descendant of the Latin word “niger” which means black. In contemporary English, using the word “nigger” is considered extremely offensive.” 


I’ve heard this word several hundred times in my lifetime. It’s been said to me. It’s been said about me. It’s been said to my family members and friends. I hear it constantly in music. I hear it constantly on comedy shows. I hear it all the time.

Both white and black people have their feelings on this word. Many feel as though it is a term of endearment. They greet their friends with the word. White people will call their black friends this word. Others feel that saying “nigga” is better than saying “nigger” because the “er” is what makes it bad. Others say it to cause pain.

Point blank— You won’t catch me saying the N word for many reasons. Let me remind you the origin of this term. White slave owners called black slaves “nigger” when slaves were being beaten, raped, lynched, and God knows what else. White people didn’t see blacks as human beings but rather as animals—animals that they can toss and boss around until they had enough. To me, it’s one of the worst words to say. It has so much negative history associated with it and it caused so much pain to so many colored people.

You would think after hearing the word regularly, I would be used it, numb to it, it wouldn’t bother me, but it actually has affected me so much more than I thought. I get uncomfortable when people, especially white people are hollering this word out, around me or at me. I’ve told a handful of people that I don’t want the word said to me or around me, but since it’s in the vocabulary of so many, the habit still comes back.

I almost understand why—we hear the word in music all the time. I listen to a lot of rap music and rappers literally cannot go a few verses without spitting the N word out. In my favorite podcast, that I listen to just about everyday, the two authors use the word every few sentence to describe men, white or colored. Because of society’s influencers using this word so casually, people feel as though it is okay to say it as well.

Ultimately it isn’t. I encourage you to read more about the history on this word and see the horrific history behind it. There is absolutely no need for us to be saying it in casual or formal conversation. Educate yourself. Respect your peers. And just stop calling people “niggas.”

It’s truly that simple.


It’s been a hot minute! Life has been crazy hectic the last few months and unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to dedicate to writing. With things slowing down and me finally getting a grip on “adulting,” I hope to go back to posting multiple times a week!


I graduated from Texas State University in May with a degree in Advertising. 2 months later, I received a job offer! #Godisgood. I have to say, applying to find a first job was such a challenging process. I stressed myself for many days about what the next step would be for me. I can’t even tell you how many jobs I applied to all over the country—but it was definitely a ridiculous amount. I came across The Creative Group on LinkedIn and they helped me find a job within a few weeks.

I am the Communications Coordinator for Austin Board of REALTORS®. My job consists of a variety of duties but I mostly write blog pieces, ghostwrite for the president of the organization, as well as handle ABoR’s social media accounts. This job definitely correlates with what I studied in school which is an amazing plus since I know many students have a job that doesn’t relate with their school studies. With that being said, I’m really thankful that an organization gave me a start because I know I am capable of so much!

These past few months have been quite the adjustment. As a student, I was constantly busy. I was involved in numerous organizations, was constantly surrounded by great friends, and focused on my school work. Because of a busy schedule, I was barely home. Everyday was filled with something new, which I loved so much.

Working is definitely the exact opposite of that. The days are the same. You have much more a routine and I do not know many people in the city I live in, so I don’t have the ability to go out as much as I used to. I am not surrounded by my peers, or listening to lectures, or studying in a library—all things I never thought I’d miss!

It is my plan to go back to school to get a Masters degree within the next few years. Where and what I will study are unknown for now, but time will tell.

For those of you have recently graduated, I hope all is well. Challenge yourself and find a job position that can show off your talents yet also builds you to be a stronger individual. If you haven’t yet found a job, that is perfectly okay! A part of me wishes that I spent the summer after graduating, relaxing and spending more time with family and friends. Timing is everything meaning everything will fall into place when it is supposed to.




It’s been a while since I have made some posts on here and I apologize for that! Sometimes life just gets in the way —

I wanted to update you all on a challenge I have decided to put upon myself. Since mid-March, I have been consistently working out and attempting to eat right. I’ve been reading blog posts and watching documentaries on eating healthier, the benefits of good food, and just living a better life! I’ve become so inspired after watching great documentaries like Forks over Knives, Food Inc. as well as Hungry for Change. These are all on Netflix, so you can easily watch them! It’s amazing how you can transform your body through simple, clean eating.

While I do want to lose a few pounds and tone up, for me, it’s honestly about living a healthy, happy life. Food effects us in ways you cannot even imagine — good or bad. So many things out there in your local grocery are labeled as “healthy”, “natural” “fresh” and they are so far from that!

It’s going to be a huge challenge but I have decided to go vegan for a month. The word vegan is actually incredibly broad. There are different type of vegans such as:

  • junk food vegans
  • raw food vegans

I’m not necessarily placing a label on myself, because honestly I hate labels. To put it simple terms, I will be cutting out all meat, dairy and fish from my daily diet. My diet will now be plant-based and I’ll be eating fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and legumes.

At the end of the month, I hope to have lost at least 7 pounds, gain more energy and be a better version of myself! If you want to tag along with me on this journey, please don’t hesitate to email me to ask some questions. I’m still doing some research on all that a vegan lifestyle consists of, so I will surely update you all when I gain more knowledge.

To learn more about being a vegan, check this site out. 


Here is to a healthy life!





I Believe In God, The Father, Almighty, Creator Of Heaven And Earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord. He Was Conceived By The Power Of the Holy Spirit And Born Of The Virgin Mary. He Suffered Under Pontius Pilate, Was Crucified, Died And Buried. He Descended To The Dead. On The Third Day He Rose Again. He Ascended Into Heave, And Is Seated At The Right Hand Of The Father. He Will Come Again To Judge The Living And The Dead.

I Believe In The Holy Spirit, The Holy Church, The Communion Of Saints, The Forgiveness Of Sins, The Resurrection Of The Body, And The Life Everlasting.



I’m going to guess that you’re a hard worker. You’re a student who tries hard in class. You’re a employee who shows up to work on time each day and performs their tasks. You’re a child who works hard for their parents. You’re a parent who works hard for their child or children. You’re a volunteer who serves the community to make it a better place for the future.

Whatever you do, I’m sure you work hard at it. You may put many hours into your passion and never recieve a thank you.

In life, you’re going to go above and beyond for people and they won’t show you any appreciate and that is perfectly okay. Life isn’t about impressing other people or living by their standards. Life is about finding your passion, your interests, your hobbies and doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy being around.

Appreciate yourself because you’re not always going to recieve praise. You’re not always going to get a pat on the back or a high five. It’s unfortunate but the truth.

Prove to yourself that you’re the best. Work hard for yourself because at the end of the day, that’s all you have.


Life is filled with beautiful events.

When these events happen, the first thing we want to do is take a photo, or share it on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The reason we do this is because we want our friends and family to know the cool event that we are experiencing. We want people to almost feel this sense of jealousy. We want people to wish they were there with us.

I challenge you to distance yourself from taking photos as much as you do now. Some moments are so beautiful and we don’t take them in because we are too worried about pulling out our smartphone. When something beautiful in your life happens, soak it in. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Show emotion & experience emotion. It will do your heart so good. I’ve seen so many beautiful things in this short life I’ve lived. I’ve witnessed proposals, stunning fireworks, funny acts and so much more but I have no pictures to show for it. That is because I decided to live in that moment and experience it in the fullest.

Besides, people don’t need to know what you’re doing 100% of the time anyway?

Here is an awesome article from SeerSucker Mag by Richie Siegel explaining this opinion more in depth!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.53.14 PM.png

International Women’s Day


For so many years we were mute but now we have a platform to speak. Women, no matter the color, the size, the shape, are all so beautiful. We are species made of strength, love, dignity and power. We are different but we are one. Celebrate yourselves, ladies! Not just today, but everyday.




Think about the individuals you are friends with at the moment.

  • Do they build you up?
  • Do they encourage you?
  • Do they want to see you become successful?
  • Do they push you outside of your comfort zone?

Hopefully all of those answers are “yes.” Friendships are often taken for granted. You met someone, chat a few times and label them as your friend. Take more caution in that.

Surround yourself with individuals who bring out the best in you. This year, I haven’t been afraid of cutting people out of my life and you shouldn’t be either. Time is too precious to waste your time on destructive individuals. Don’t waste your time on individuals who bring you down, because who wants debby-downers in their life anyway?