My little sister told me about this new phenomenon called “oil pulling” a few months back and I’ve been hooked and the best part is, you only need 1 ingredient!

Oil pulling is the process of taking a spoonful of coconut oil , putting it in your mouth and swishing it around for a number of minutes. It’s that simple! It sounds pretty odd, I know, however the benefits of oil pulling are amazing beyond words:

  1. Whitens teeth
  2. Strengthens teeth, gum and jaw
  3. Prevents cavities and gingivitis
  4. Helps with bad breath
  5. Relives headaches, migraines and hangovers
  6. Improves quality of sleep
  7. Detoxifies the body
  8. Helps with acne and other skin issues

My mom has got me hooked on essential oils, so I add a drop of oil on the coconut oil before putting it my mouth. There is no specific time for how long you have to swish, but I usually do it for 30 minutes. It may feel odd putting coconut oil in your mouth but you’ll get used to it in no time! When oil pulling, instead of sitting there staring at your timer, hop in the shower, clean your room, cook some food. This will help your time oil pulling go by really fast!

All hail coconut oil.

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